Can I Sell My Theatre Tickets?

If you are a theater fan, there will inevitably come a time when you purchase tickets to go see a show, but then are unable to go and enjoy it. Maybe you’ve already experienced this. In a scenario like this, what’s the best way to handle it? You can give your tickets away to a friend or co-worker so that at least someone can see the performance. The downside to this is that it’s often awkward to ask someone you know to pay for tickets that you’ve bought, and this means that you’re going to lose money on it. (more…)

The Real Broadway

One of the common questions that those new to the theater have is, “What does ‘Broadway’ mean?” On one hand, it’s a really easy question—it’s a section of New York City famous for the theater. But Broadway goes far beyond that, as you will quickly find out when looking for theater tickets. You can even go see a Broadway show that is not in New York City, hence all of the confusion.

Let’s get a solid answer, and then tell you what that means for you.


Broadway is a more than a street. It’s a style of theater. It typically refers to the seating available at a particular show. The theory here is that the more seats available for the performance, the higher the quality of the performance. That makes sense. If there are 1,000 total tickets available for a given night you can assume that it is a better show than if there are just 100 tickets. (more…)