Are you thinking about heading out to a comedy show? How about you check your local comedy club first to see if there are some big names coming. You never know what you might find. Nowadays some of the biggest comedians will stop in a local shop and do a set. It could be worth it for you.

Local Comedy Club

Do you live in a town that doesn’t have large theaters? Sometimes small towns depend on nightclubs and bars to bring in performers from outside the area. A lot of cities and small towns also carry a comedy club to go along with this. Having a small comedy club is a great way to bring the community together for a night of laughs and fun.

If you research all the different comedy clubs across the country you will see that there are plenty of different sizes. Sometimes you have small clubs where not too many people show up while others like any improv studio will carry acts almost every night of the week. If you can get into one of those events you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Sometimes we just need to get out and have a great laugh to make our week that much better.

Don’t let the names fool you. Sometimes you won’t recognize any of the names on the marquee. This does not matter. If you can research the comedian that is coming to your town you can find out what types of comedy they like to perform. Sometimes you might be into a juggling routine and sometimes just one hard-core comedy.

Remember, there are hundreds of comedians out there just waiting to get their chance to perform in front of you. If they get the next laugh they might move up the circuit and find themselves on to bigger stages around the country.

Comedy Theater

If you are lucky to have a theater in your area you may be able to see big acts such as Jerry Seinfeld, Joe Rogan, and Chris Hart. Some of the best acts around play in big theaters. These theaters are anywhere from 500 to 4000 people.

You can even see comedians perform in arenas. These arenas will bring in the big-time acts and those will most likely sell out. You can expect a great night of comedy from anyone playing an arena. That means they made it to the top of the circuit and are selling out seats.

At the end of the day, we want to have a good time. Sometimes you just need to get out there and enjoy what you see or what is available. Not always will you see the big-time names but once in a while, they will come around. You may be surprised to who may be coming to a local theater near you or even a local comedy club near you.

Just give everyone a chance and you won’t miss out on some great shows out there. There is always time for comedy in your life. Don’t get left in the dark.