You want to get great seats for the Broadway musical you’re interested in right? Of course you do; who doesn’t? But at the same time, you need to be realistic. You don’t want to pay too much for show tickets. The same goes with any event you’re interested in, be it Broadway, a comedy act, or a sporting event. You want good seats, but you don’t want to go into debt to get them.

We’ve got your back. Here, we will go over the tips and tricks that we’ve learned to find the best seats at the best prices. So if you’re thinking of going to see a show, read on to find out how to save money on top quality Broadway and comedy tickets.

Plan Ahead

Cheap Tickets are always Out thereThat’s right. If you want to get the best prices, you need to plan at least a couple months ahead. Research has shown that the cheapest point to buy tickets at is about two to four weeks after they sell out. This is the time when those who have bought tickets are most likely to start panicking because they have now realized that they will not be able to go to the event, and have not yet had success when it comes to selling them to anyone. They might have tried with friends or family, or they might have listed them on a ticket site or two. Either way, people don’t want to lose money on the tickets that they bought for themselves, and for this reason they are cutting their asking price. And that means you get to benefit from lower prices.

Please remember that this is a general approach. Not all events work like this. We’ll talk more about that later.

Go Digital

There’s always a fee associated with buying tickets, that’s just the nature of the game. Ticket sites need to make money to stay in business. That fee might be added on to the price and itemized so you can see it, or it might just be built into the overall cost of doing business on the site. Either way, you have to pay. By purchasing digital tickets, you can cut down a little bit on the price of your tickets. Let’s say that you would be charged $15 for shipping and handling fees if you bought paper tickets, but only $5 if you buy e-tickets. It’s just $10 in savings, but this adds up quickly, especially if you go to several shows per year. $10 here and $10 there is a big deal over time. Cutting back on costs this way is easy and takes almost no effort on your part. If you want to save money, we highly recommend this.

No Guarantees

While this method of purchasing tickets at cheaper prices works much of the time, it doesn’t always. For bigger events, you are hardly ever going to see prices drop, but only go up once the show sells out. Third party ticket sites like SeatGeek and those like SeatGeek will reflect demand. If tickets sell out and people cannot get tickets easily and it stays that way, prices will reflect the market. High demand equals high prices. That’s just the way an open market works. People will sell tickets at the price people are willing to pay. For the big name shows, your best bet is to buy the tickets you want as soon as you find them. This way, you have the tickets and no longer need to worry about availability. Sometimes this peace of mind is far more valuable than saving a few bucks.